You can find me using Reiki in my classes, workshops and ceremonies, my personal spiritual practices and also as a treatment for others.

My first energy session was with a beautiful magically soul Kim over 8 years ago It was the first time I realized how powerful the connection with our energy bodies can be so healing. I had no idea how open I was to the vibrations and flow of energy when I let go of the resistance. Having no idea a couple years later I would be getting my Reiki level 1 and then 2 and soon to be Masters.

The journey applying reiki in so many areas of my life is a gift. A gift to see my clients and students creating breakthroughs and releases to welcome more love and freedom in their life.

Reiki in my life has also been one of my greatest teachers

Book you Reiki Session Today includes smudging and crystal layout $75.00

Mobile service available extra cost depending on distance

Also Group Reiki Ceremonies, Gatherings coming soon:)